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Dishwasher Repairs In Manchester | Dishwasher Service

Dishwasher faults that can be repaired:

  • Dishwasher leaks.
  • Dishwasher will not emptying.
  • This could be due to blocked pumps or blocked pipes or wiring problems
  • Dishwasher empties all the time.
  • This could be due to problems with flood protection systems.
  • Dishwasher does not clean properly.
  • Dishwasher will not dispense washing powder or tablet
  • Machine is very noisy
  • Dishwasher will not progress through washing programme
  • This could be due to problems with the heater, thermostats, flood protection systems, valves, programmer problems and wiring faults.
  • Machine blows fuses.
  • Spray arm problems

These are common problems with dishwashers which can be fixed using a methodical fault finding approach which will allow the most cost effective solution to be found for the customer. NO parts will be replaced unless they are beyond repair or come only in complete units by the manufacturer. All repairs aim to cause the minimum of disruption. There is a 1 Year guarantee on all parts and labour.