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Common faults which can be repaired 

Common faults which can be repaired 
Drain pumps and hoses 
Heater and thermostats 
Hinge problems 
Door locks 
Wiring faults 
Filling Problems 
Any parts fitted come with a 1 year guarantee 
When making an appointment please try to have the make and model number of your dishwasher 

Dishwasher Advice 

01. Select the correct wash cycle for your dishes. Read your instruction manual to find out what sort of loads go on each wash setting. Heavily soiled dishes and food that has been burnt on will not be removed on a quick was or an eco wash. 
02. Make sure you are using the detergent correctly as specified by the detergent manufacturer. For listings of the performance of the leading detergent brands I suggest looking at the Which? consumer guide‎. 
For the best results use a separate rinse aid and powder. There are problems with dishwasher all- in -one tablets but they are very easy and convenient to use. These problems recently have been undissolved tablets ( or their residue being left on plates) and overfoaming. These problems are mainly due to newer machine that have “eco” settings that wash with less water and operate at lower temperatures. Some tablets will only dissolve properly on full high temperature washes. You must read the instructions on the detergent used. 
Which? Magazine March 2014 listed the top 4 dishwasher detergent brands as 
Fairy Platinum All in One , cost per wash 40p, test score 84% 
Lidl W5 All in 1, cost per wash 10p, test score 80% 
Aldi Magnum All in 1 Complete, cost per wash 10p, test score 77% 
Sainsbury’s All in One, cost per wash 12p, test score 74% 
03. Remove all excess food stuffs from dishes before placing in the dishwasher. 
04. Burnt on foodstuffs will require pre soaking before putting in the dishwasher. 
05. Make sure you have stacked the dishes in the dishwasher correctly (see your manual). Water needs to be able to reach the dishes. The more heavily soiled items and large items should be placed on the bottom stack. Put the dishes so that the dirty side faces the middle of the dishwasher. 
Make sure that no items will stop the upper or lower arms rotating. You can check this by moving the spray arms around by hand. 
Make sure that plates are not touching each other 
06. Clean the filter out on a regular basis. 
07. Put salt in the container based on the hardness of your water supply. This you can find from your dishwasher manual supplied with the machine. In Manchester this is on an infrequent basis as the water is soft. 
08. Things that should not go in a dishwasher. 
Lead crystal – may become cloudy or even break 
Plastics – some plastics are heat sensitive and may melt or warp 
Wood/bone handles – glued handles may become loose 
Aluminium utensils – likely to darken 
Cast iron – likely to rust 
Pewter – likely to stain and discolour 
Smells coming from your dishwasher 
Bad smells coming from dishwashers are usually caused by foodstuffs rotting inside the dishwasher. You will notice that if you have loaded your dishwasher with dirty dishes then leave it for a few days without putting a wash on you will get a bad smell. 
Where you have the dishwasher connected directly underneath the kitchen sink you can get back filling from the kitchen sink when waste water is drained from the sink. This causes dirty water to enter the dishwasher and cause a bad smell. You can reduce this problem by getting some point of the drain hose into higher position than the sink/hose connection. 
To avoid your dishwasher becoming smelly regularly clean the filter and clean your dishwasher with a commercial dishwasher cleaner on a maintenance wash. A maintenance wash is done on a high heat with the dishwasher empty every six months. Many appliance manufactures recommend a certain brand of cleaner but they are not independent in their recommendations, again you can consult Which? (The independent consumer group ). UK Whitegoods recommend Affresh dishwasher & waste disposal cleaner. You should also clean the door seals to prevent any food build ups also. 
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