Tumble Dryer Repairs Didsbury, South Manchester and Stockport   


Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda Dryer Fire Risk 

If you have a Hotpoint, Indesit or Creda tumble dryer you need to go to the respective manufacturer’s website and check whether your dryer is affected by the Safety Notice. There have been millions of these dryers which have been associated with a fire risk. You need to open the dryer door and get the full model number and serial number from a label on the inside of the door. You need to enter these details into the manufacturer’s website. If your dryer is affected follow the manufactures advice. No repairs will be done to affected dryers without the necessary modification to alleviate the fire risk. 

Tumble Drier problems that can be fixed: 

Broken doors/door handles/door hinges 
Not heating 
Not pumping water to tank 
Empty tank light on all the time 
No drum action. This could be due to a broken drive belt , drive pulley, faulty capacitor or motor problems. 
Machine works for a while then stops. 
Machine is very noisy. 
Clothes or not dried effectively. 
When making an appointment please try to have the make and model number of the dryer. This will be on a label on the inside of the door. 
* These are common problems with tumble driers which can be repaired using a methodical fault finding approach which will allow the most cost effective solution to be found for the customer. NO parts will be replaced unless they are beyond repair or come only in complete units by the manufacturer. All repairs aim to cause the minimum of disruption. There is a 1 Year guarantee on all parts and labour supplied. 

Dryer Advice 

On all dryers the lint filter at the front should be cleaned every load. On condensing dryers the condenser box should be cleaned every month. You can check how to do this from the manufacturer’s instructions (if you don’t have them then they can be downloaded easily). 
On vented dryers (ones with a vent hose at the back) make sure the vent hose is not kinked or blocked outside at the vent cover. 
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