Electric Oven Repairs Didsbury, South Manchester and Stockport   


Some common problems with electric ovens: 

No heat from the fan oven or grill 
Oven not cooking at the correct temperature 
Door hinge problems i.e the oven door not closing properly 
Door sealant problems 
Fan not working 
Thermostats not working 
Timer problems 
Blowing fuses 
NO parts will be replaced unless they are beyond repair or come only in complete units by the manufacturer. All repairs aim to cause the minimum of disruption. There is a 1 Year guarantee on all parts and labour. 
The most common fault with electric ovens is heating element failure. This means that when you have the fan oven on and there is no heat this usually means that the fan oven heating element needs to be replaced. The same applies to the grill. 
If the oven is causing the fuses to blow the elements are usually to blame also. 
If the fan has stopped rotating this usually means that you will require a new fan motor. 
If the door won’t close properly you will usually require new door hinges. 
To change to the light bulbs on ovens consult your user manual(these can be downloaded from the internet). 
If you have had a power cut , a time will have to be set on the digital clock before the oven will start working as most ovens start in the automatic mode after the power has been switched off. 
If you get the make and model number of the oven (this will be on a label on the door frame, visible if you open the oven door) oven faults can often be diagnosed over the phone. 
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