Gas Fire Servicing Didsbury, Manchester & Stockport   


Gas fire servicing in Didsbury, South Manchester and Stockport 

Gas fires should be serviced annually to make sure they are operating efficiently and safely. Faulty gas fires can cause carbon monoxide poisoning which can in some cases be fatal. 
Strip down and cleaning of all parts 
Pipework checks 
Flame picture checks 
Ventilation checks 
Flue inspection 
Catchment space check 
Gas Flow rate check 
Burner/inlet pressure check 
Check for gas leaks 
Spillage and flue flow test( these tests make sure the products of combustion are correctly conveyed through the flue system) 
Safety devices/controls check 
Gas meter installation checks 
Check hearth requirements 
Inspection of coals 
Check condition of any seals on fireboxes 
Following your gas fire service you will receive a check list of all the checks done and the relevant manufactures service record will be filled out to comply with any guarantee you have on your gas fire. 
In order to service your gas fire the installation instructions are required. A service will not be done unless you have the installation instructions or they can be obtained via the internet or manufacturer of the fire. 
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