Smart Thermostat Installation Wireless and Smart Thermostat Installation Services for Homes in the Stockport and Manchester area   

Upgrading the controls for your heating system can reduce your gas bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Smart controls such as the Nest learning thermostat or the British Gas Hive system give increased control over heating systems and generate monthly reports on your usage. Smart controls are also available from your boiler manufacturer. 
Building regulations called Boiler Plus now require newly installed combi boilers to have one following control systems: 
Smart control system 
Flue gas recovery system 
Load compensation 
Weather compensation systems 
For more information on Boiler Plus see this information from Vaillant 

Smart Thermostats can learn how your house heats and cools, then adjust themselves accordingly to the temperature outside and inside your home. 

They know when you are not at home and will not heat the house when you are away. They can also be activated via an app on a smart phone allowing you to switch on the heating and set the temperature while you are away so you can return to a warm house. 
For more information on Nest Thermostat see Nest website's. 
We install wireless thermostats and programmers to most types of boilers 
As well as smart thermostats we install wireless thermostats and boiler programmers/timers. 
There are also other programmable thermostats that use load compensation(where the room starting temperature is used to modulate the boiler) or weather compensation (where the outside temperature is used to modulate the boiler). These thermostats are available from the manufacturers of your boiler. 
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